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The Eclipse Developer Tools provide useful libraries for use in own applications. They are especially designed for use as Eclipse or OSGi plugin.Second we provide views, editors and other useful tools for the Eclipse IDE itself for simplifying common tasks.


We have developed at first a log viewer plugin for Eclipse called EDevTools LogViewer. It has or will have the following features 

  • Support for reading logs from
    • Sockets (reading while created)
    • Files (reading while created and read after full creation)
  • Understand logs from following logging frameworks
    • Java Util Logging (XML-Formatter)
    • Log4J Logging (XML)
  • Show multiple logs at once
  • Comparison view of multiple logs


Second we have experienced during our development, that some simple functionality is needed again and again in different projects and we created a little utility library that provides these functionality for other developers. This library we call EDevTools Base Lib and consists of non UI and UI aware classes. Both are differentiated in Eclipse an ordinary Java supporting library packages.


Most of the content and software is procuded by Christoph Graupner, our handyman.

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