Features of LogViewer

Currently Avaiable Features

Backend Side
  • Support for reading logs from
    • Sockets (reading while created)
      • The port is configurable by a wizard
    • Files (reading while created and read after full creation)
  • Understands logs from
    • Java Util Logging as of JDK 1.4
      • Only output from XMLFormater
  • Reading from the sources can be started and stopped to held anwanted log entries away from the view
Frontend Side
  • It is possible to open multiple views, each displaying another log source
  • Each entry is colored in a color according to the log level
  • An detail view for a single entry opens by a double click on the entry in log table view
  • The detail view also shows the level in an appropriate color (same as in table view)
  • A comfortable wizard for selecting the input source and format and configuring its options
  • Jump from log table view to Java source code location by clicking entry (currently only in development branch)
  • Jump from details view stack trace entry to Java source code location by clicking stack trace entry (currently only in development branch)



Planned Features

  • Understand logs from following logging frameworks
    • Log4J Logging (XML)
  • Comparison view of multiple logs
  • What's configurable in view and form should be made configurable by the user
  • Filtering and sorting the table view
  • Show log entries in groups (e.g. by thread or class)