Setting Up Source [LogViewer - Getting Started]

[DOCUMENT IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION, don't bother, with a little guessing it will work right now and it will also be finished soon]

After opening the log view, you have to set up the input for the view. The so called "Log Source".

To set up the log source you click on the "Set Log Source" button.

The following wizard apears.

Picture of Select Log Input Source Wizard (Page1)

Now you can choose where the log should come from

  • A socket
    • reading in by the time it's emitted by the logging framework (must be configured, how? -> below)
  • A file
    • Reading in logs that has already been written a long or short time before. This file has to be in the awaited format. (must be configured, see below)

The other two drop down lists have each only one options to choose from. They are there for later versions of LogViewer, when it supports more logging frameworks and log formats.

The "Auto start the source after finishing this wizard" starts reading from the source right after pressing Finish, if it's checked. If it's not checked the source is only set up to be ready for reading, but does not actually read until the Start Log button is pressed.

If you now choose Finish (only enabled when socket selected) you will have a the log view listining on the next free port starting with port 8888.

If you choose Next > there will be further setting for the choosen type:

Socket Source

On this page you choose the port to listen on for log data. With this port you have to configure your logging framework to be able to receive log data.

That's all. Now you should press Finish.

File Source

On this page you choose the log file containing the log data in the choosen format. You can do this by either type the path to the file or use the "..."-button to browse for it.

That's all. Now you should press Finish.