Open Log View [LogViewer - Getting Started]

[DOCUMENT IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION, don't bother, with a little guessing it will work right now and it will also be finished soon]

Although it's quiet easy to open a view in Eclipse via Window > Show View > Other... it is not easy to show a view twice or more at the same time. So we will start with the first.

Opening One Log View

As said above this can be done by Window > Show View > Other... and then under the category EDevTools you will find "Log Viewer". Choose this and the log view apears. If it was already opened that way before, the instance from the call before will be highlighted and no new view occurs. That's there the second way comes in play.

Opening More Log Views

This is done by a menu item in the menu below Other... in the Window > Show View Menu labeled EDevTools.

First go into Window > Show View and then pick Open LogViewer. This will open a new log view everytime it is activated.


Now it's time to get things running.