Start The Logging [LogViewer - Getting Started]

[DOCUMENT IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION, don't bother, with a little guessing it will work right now and it will also be finished soon]

Start The Log Reading In LogViewer

If you had choosen "Autostart the source" in the Set Log Source wizard, you can skip this step and go straight to Start Your Application.

If you have choosen the socket as the input type, it is necessary to start the log viewer source before you start your logged application. If you change the order the viewer will not show any log events, because the Java Util Logging SocketHandler tries to connect to the socket only once in its lifetime and that's the point of creation of the SocketHandler object. This is mostly the start of the application.

To start the log reader press the Start Source button in the view toolbar ()


Start Your Application

Now it's time to start your application for producing the log. You can start your application with the Eclipse Run or ordinary via calling java via the commandline.

with -Djava.util.logging.config.file=<path-to>/ . For more information on providing settings to Java Util Logging see [TODO: URL].