We are currently developing a log viewer plugin for Eclipse called EDevTools LogViewer.

The EDevTools LogViewer is an Eclipse plugin that shows java.util.logging messages in an Eclipse view (multiple at same time possible), while it reads the log entries from file or a configurable socket.

Currently Avaiable Features

  • Support for reading logs from
    • Sockets (reading while created)
    • Files (reading while created and read after full creation)
  • Understands logs from
    • Java Util Logging as of JDK 1.4
      • Only output from XMLFormater
  • It is possible to open multiple views, each displaying another log source

Planned Features

  • Understand logs from following logging frameworks
    • Java Util Logging (XML-Formatter)
    • Log4J Logging (XML)
  • Comparison view of multiple logs


  • Java 1.5 or above
  • Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) or above
  • EDevTools Base Library (included in installation)