Getting Started With LogViewer

[DOCUMENT IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION, don't bother, with a little guessing it will work right now and it will also be finished soon]

If you not had installed the EDevTools LogViewer plugin yet, it could be the right time now to do so. Use the install manual provided here.

When you have installed the plugin there are only a little few more steps to see your logs in the view...

For A Quick Start

(for details read the following pages)

  • Open the log view (Window > Show View > EDevTools > Open LogViewer)
  • Set the log source to listen on (press in the log view)
  • Configure the logging framework in the application you logged
    • For socket listening: configure it to emit XML on port 8888 (default LogViewer configuration)
    • For file reading: configure it to write XML.
  • Depending on the type of log source
    • Start the log view reading first and soon after this the logged application (socket) or
    • Start the logged application first and after it's finished start the log reading in the view (file)
  • THAT's IT


For a detailed description read the following pages.